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Userkritiken zum Film Interstellar von Christopher Nolan mit Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine - Filmstart in Deutschland: In diesen Minuten sieht Interstellar tatsächlich aus wie der Steven-Spielberg-Film, der er vor Jahren beinah. Interstellar ist ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Science-Fiction-Film unter der Regie von Christopher Nolan aus dem Jahr Er spielt in einer dystopischen​.

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Die Menschheit steht bereits kurz vor ihrer Auslöschung durch Klimawandel und Nahrungsmangel, als ein mysteriöser Riss im Raum-Zeit-Gewebe entdeckt wird, der eine Chance zum Überleben verheißt. Der ehemalige NASA-Pilot Cooper wird mit einem. Interstellar ein Film von Christopher Nolan mit Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway. Inhaltsangabe: Was Wissenschaftler, Politiker und Aktivisten seit. Userkritiken zum Film Interstellar von Christopher Nolan mit Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine - Interstellar ist ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Science-Fiction-Film unter der Regie von Christopher Nolan aus dem Jahr Er spielt in einer dystopischen​. Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway und Jessica Chastain in einem Film von Christopher Nolan. Überlänge: + € 1, Basierend auf einer Idee des. - Lemaire Ludovic hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Es könnte der Film des Jahres werden: Christopher Nolans Science-Fiction-Epos "Interstellar" startet jetzt in den Kinos.

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(„Interstellar“ directed by Christopher Nolan, ). Ingenieure? Wissenschaftler? Astronauten? Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway und Jessica Chastain in einem Film von Christopher Nolan. Überlänge: + € 1, Basierend auf einer Idee des. Es könnte der Film des Jahres werden: Christopher Nolans Science-Fiction-Epos "Interstellar" startet jetzt in den Kinos.

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In other words, I could say that this is a human story, and even if we go as far as we want to, if we travel through the universe believing that we can be detached of the one we are fond of, we will only get closer to them.

Because the separation, and thus the distance and time, can only ultimately reinforce the relationship between the people who really love each other.

No, I wasn't been able to find any bad flaws in the film. Not one, and I'm still looking. After all, Interstellar is like gravity, "all it takes is a little push!

I hadn't seen this but movie and caught it on a flight back from the DR. One of my favorite movies of all time. I loved the acting and just yeah, a great movie and one you should go see if you never have.

I was extremely lucky to get the chance to see this film upon its first day release, before entering the cinema, my expectations were already high, after all, this was a film from the cinematic genius who brought us the likes of 'Inception' and 'The Dark Knight', to summarise the following review in a single sentence: I left the cinema in extreme awe from the visual masterpiece I had just viewed.

A film that explores the psychological and emotional state of a man whose life revolves around his family, 'Interstellar' is a thrilling and thought-provoking film that boasts an intellectual story masterfully written by the Nolan brothers.

Whilst there seems to have been influence from films like ' A Space Odyssey' and 'Apollo 13', 'Interstellar' is unique in its own way. Whilst the subject may be hard to comprehend at times, it can't be denied how visually monumental and thoughtful Christopher Nolan's epic science fiction masterpiece is, and can easily be named the best film of this year and possibly one of the greatest science fiction films to have ever graced the screen.

A sheer brilliant feat of cinema. This is both a review of the film, and an assertion of Christopher Nolan's filmmaking style There have been many reviewers and critics alike that have high praise for the film the visual effects, the acting, the music , but say how it's not Christopher Nolan's best directed film.

This is where i personally would have to disagree. Before i get into it, though, i'll talk about Interstellar a bit.

Interstellar is truly a sci-fi epic like no other. To compare said film to ' A Space Odyssey' isn't just a disservice, but unnecessary.

The films are almost nothing alike, simply sharing small plot elements. Also, Stanley Kubrick's vision of Arthur C.

Clarke's sci-fi epic wasn't to ponder the philosophical questions that accompanied the story, but to make art, and art is was, and is.

With Interstellar, Mr. Nolan set out to make his most personal and emotional film to date about love and time time being a recurring theme throughout all of Nolan's films.

But it's so much more than that too. There are no words to express the epic journey Nolan takes us on in the film, but needless to say, it's tear-jerking and emotional throughout.

The acting is top-notch, especially McConaughey, who gives I would say his most emotional performance yet. But the actor who stole the show in a few scenes one in particular, when they're on an alien planet was David Gyasi as Romilly, one of the astronauts aboard the Endurance, their spacecraft.

The musical score from Hans Zimmer is, without a doubt, his best and most influential work to date, helping drive the film's bold and breath-taking vision the church organ helped significantly.

The visual effects are easily the best to date as well, and of the year. To see a black hole created through visual effects in such a way, with pages theoretical equations provided by Kip Thorne theoretical physicist, of whom's work inspired the film's genesis ; what you see in the film is the most realistic depiction of a black hole, and even offered new insight to accretion discs surrounding the anomalies.

But even everything else, from the alien planets to the Endurance, the visuals always look real. Then, there's the writing.

I would definitely have to say this has some of the best dialogue i've ever heard in a sci-fi movie, and the script continually pours or oozes emotion, keeping the audience tethered to the film.

Now, about Mr. Don't just look at Nolan, but look at his films. Some say Inception would be his masterpiece, while others would say it's The Dark Knight, or Memento.

But honestly, every single film Christopher Nolan has directed is a masterpiece not of its genre, but of Nolan. Following is his quiet masterpiece, not the film that put Mr.

Nolan on the map as a phenomenal director, but one people visited or revisited after becoming accustomed to Nolan, after seeing Memento, what could be called his breakout masterpiece.

Then, right after, he directed the remake of the Norwegian thriller, Insomnia. This, too, could be considered a masterpiece, even if a remake.

Then, we were given his take on the Batman universe, starting with Batman Begins, the origin masterpiece. Then, there's The Prestige, adapted from the novel of the same name, which can be called his dark masterpiece.

Now, we have Interstellar, his emotional or personal masterpiece. This is just my looking at Nolan and his films, but whatever your thoughts are, you can't deny Interstellar is one hell of a journey.

He certainly is one of the best filmmakers of our time, and of all time. I can't wait to see what he does next, but i'm not sure it will be as emotionally powerful as Interstellar.

The visuals, the score, the acting, were all amazing. The plot is definitely one of the most original I've seen in a while.

Most of the critic reviews have said that some bits are a little too unbelievable, but I have to disagree. Yes, there were some parts that were definitely in the "fi" part of sci-fi.

But the thing is, 'Interstellar' deals with concepts that we know very little about. We have no idea what the 4th or 5th dimension is like, or what it would be like to go through a wormhole or a black hole.

I don't think it's fair to call something unbelievable, when we have absolutely no idea what WOULD be believable in those circumstances.

Either way, excellent writing from the Nolan brothers. The visuals were outstanding, and will no doubt be nominated for an Oscar.

The performances were excellent, though nothing Oscar worthy, as is the case with most of Nolan's films 'The Dark Knight' being the obvious exception.

Hans Zimmer's score was amazing and blended perfectly with the film. All in all, 'Interstellar' is an excellent movie, which I personally think is Nolan's most beautiful film to date.

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space New creation of Christopher Nolan's genius, whose name is now known to everyone.

His films are waiting with a special look, because it offers something that every day, unfortunately, less and less can be found in the world of mass cinema - an interesting spectacle, filled with meaning, ideas and emotions.

At this time, Christopher decided to send us not to the world of dreams, and even not on the dark streets of Gotham City.

No, now he send us to the journey to, and perhaps beyond the boundaries of the possible and impossible, through the curvature of space and time, in other worlds.

And you won't forget this trip, this can be assured. I was madly waiting for Interstellar's release. And then, finally, I was able to see this Beauty - at the premiere in my coutry on October, It was incredibly exciting.

It was a delight. It was unforgettable. It was gorgeous. Nolan once again amazes the viewer's imagination by his painting.

Journey to the brink of infinity, the line where humanity has never set, acts as either the first-born purpose and a background of emotional history about the father and the daughter.

A loving father who mankind need to help, but that he should leave his children, and a loving daughter who doesn't want to let her dad in the infinity darkness.

Starting from the very first frame and ending with the closing credits, a new picture of Nolan will absorb you completely, forcing stare at the screen during the whole action, because it's all so exciting and interesting that escape becomes physically impossible.

No, this three hours won't fly quickly for you. You'll feel every emotion, every event, every character. You will not look how the main characters travel through the universe, because the movie experience in this film is so excellent that you will be on board of "Endurance" starship and travel between the worlds with the main characters by yourself.

The emotional core of this story is the relationship of Matthew McConaughey's character and his daughter - Mackenzie Foy' and Jessica Chastain' character.

And the acting work of these three artists in "Interstellar" impress the most. McConaughey was acting really great, and this is one of the most emotional, if not the most emotional role of his life.

All the drama and tragedy of the relationship of father and daughter in this film will not leave anyone indifferent. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn and other actors also coped with their roles and presented the film's supporting characters very realistic.

I would particularly like to note a small but important in this story role of Matt Damon, a character who has received quite memorable.

If we talk about the characters, it should be noted also two robots that accompanied our heroes in this difficult journey.

One of them adds a touch of humor in the film, which mitigates constantly depressing, dramatic, and sometimes really dark atmosphere.

The script of the film is very well combined the history of space exploration and the relationship between Cooper and Murph. The story is complex and complicated, is based on real scientific theories by Kip Thorne, and indeed contains a reference to the "Space Odyssey" and other sci-fi pictures.

This story about true love, about loyalty, forgiveness, fraud, hard decisions, and much more. And it is designed so that leaves a lot of room for the imagination of the viewer.

It's also possible to notice some structure allusion to another Nolan's work - Inception. The story and visuals are combined just perfectly in Interstellar.

Hans Zimmer's score, written by him on the basis of only one letter from Nolan, hold the key: "Once we become parents, we can't help but look at ourselves through the eyes of our children", deserves a special praise.

On this basis, Hans managed to write just incredible soundtrack that perfectly harmonizes with the history and the visual side of the picture.

And this work of the composer is really different from the previous ones. It is executed in a different style from another subject in its base.

Very impressive work, which will be pleasantly listened again and separate from the film itself. Visual range of the picture is incredibly beautiful and circuses.

The "Endurance" itself, new worlds, insanely beautiful and mysterious space, wormholes, black holes, and travel through them, folds of time and space are arranged so that is simply breathtaking.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to the creation of a visual of this film. It must be seen.

That mastery with which this is done, not just words. In the visual pattern also has some references to the Kubrick's "Odyssey", and they are pleasing to the eye.

Many thanks to Christopher Nolan for having given us such an incredible movie, which once again proved to us that the cinema is Nolan's life.

This film is not only about the discoveries, space exploration and the final frontier of mankind, but also about the relationship of father and daughter, who were in a difficult situation in life when one has to leave the other in the name of a goal that can not be underestimated.

So, with what Nolan's genius unfolds before us this action is beyond praise. So last night I got the chance to see the early screening of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

The film I've been waiting so much from the early days of the shooting. How did it fare? Here's my take: To avoid any tl;dr risk, let me get this straight from the very beginning, Interstellar is one goddamnedly good film, it gets you to the edge of your seat, it soars, it warps, it rips your brain senseless.

It's that good. Interstellar is a story about the earth dying, with its soil no longer able to sustain crops other than corn, and of course, it will lead to the extinction of humanity.

Our hero is an ex-NASA test pilot named Cooper Matthew McConaughey , a typical ordinary-guy-in-an-extraordinary- situation everyman who's also a dedicated family man, especially toward his daughter Murphy named after the Murphy's Law.

In an all-too-Armageddon style our hero gets invited by the publicly defunct NASA to become humanity's last hope in finding a new home, for they have found a wormhole near Saturn , anyone?

Solid and compact premise, although it's been used before. For seasoned filmgoers, there are many similar elements although it's understandable with Stanley Kubrick's A Space Odyssey and Robert Zemeckis' Contact In a sense that this is not a bang-bang-shoot-shoot-blow-em-up sci-fi, but more of a slow-burning, metaphysical sci-fi which gets you to think about your place in the universe and your exact place in time.

Similarity with and Contact is never a bad thing, but it becomes a wee bit too predictable, although Nolan is a smart enough director in providing the final a very sentimental one, I should say twist in the story.

The visuals in this film is majestic, everything is shot to a meticulously calculated level, Nolan-style. The space scenes are serenely suspenseful just like Cuaron's Gravity, but unlike the documentary feel of Gravity, there's a real gusto and pace to these scenes.

You should also be prepared for the for some, maybe unexpected third act, it is Nolan's most sentimental and humane moment to date.

And this is why Interstellar is more than just a science-fiction, it is a human drama intertwined in space and time loop. One thing that Nolan gets a bit wrong is the narrative.

Nolan was never a 'warm' director, his films are filled with brilliant ideas and flair but it feels cold, it maybe suits Memento and The Dark Knight but in Interstellar he seems to have been lost in determining which of the interpersonal drama or the sci-fi that will be Interstellar's forte.

The result is a rather incongruous script, intermittently cutting off the excitement of the previous scene and so on. But it is a forgivable sin, for the good is a lot more than the bad in this monumental film.

At the end of the day, all I can say is that Interstellar is a grand film. It is monolithic, thoughtful, sentimental, sophisticated, visceral but also with its flaws.

I wouldn't say it's Nolan's best work to date, but I daresay that this is one of the best science fiction ever released.

After watching Interstellar, do yourself a favor and get lost in space and time and go back in time to see Contact and A Space Odyssey to further wonder and wander into the realms of the unknown.

Because sometimes it is the unknown that fascinates us, frightens us and brings out the best in us.

There is not even a single day I don't think of this movie, it's scenes , it has a profound impact on me and it shall remain with me forever. Just watched Interstellar in imax 70mm.

Science Fiction fans can read on, everyone else can skip. Movie is a visual masterpiece. Like his earlier movies, Christopher Nolan once again proved, how big a movie can be!

There were some shots,which made audience go crazy.. Some scenes were as epic as A Space Odyssey. Do not go into the theatre expecting an action packed cerebral thriller.

This one is not for action fans. At times, movie go highly sentimental Matthew McConaughey does what he is best in and supposed to.

I recommend this movie to all the Sci-Fi fans out there, make sure you go in group of sci-fi nuts!! Do not go with the hype..

Go, sit back and enjoy. I don't wanna spoil anything If you want PM me. Also, make sure you go to the best theatre close to you. The ones that you still think of weeks even months later.

The ones that make you think and leave you breathless. The ones that inspire you to want to change your life after a mere two and a half hours.

I watched this movie the first time over a month and a half ago and it still crops up in my mind. The thought of space travel excites me along with countless others and this movie has literally made me rethink my life choices and pushed me into wanting to become an astronaut.

As childish as it sounds, its true, because its one of those movies. Interstellar has become my new favourite movie by far. Bravo Nolan what a great human bean.

A lot has been said and heard about this movie but none of it comes even close to the experience of watching it. It has all the elements of a Nolan movie and just like in all of his other movies he decides to go a bit further.

This time, he went a little too far. The story behind the movie has it's flaws. Instead you are given fragments in the first half of the movie hoping one will put all the pieces together.

All in all, the first part seems a bit rushed and leaves you wondering if more could have been told. But, since the real story is not why the travel is necessary but the travel itself once the crew is off, the story really kicks in.

The main part of the movie gives a great ride, pumps your blood with adrenaline from time to time and gets you emotional pretty often. The problem I personally had was that the story taking place simultaneously on Earth was less shown than I expected.

A different approach was expected but that did not stop Chastain from giving the best role in the movie. The last part of the movie is dynamic and filled with problems real people would have if found in a situation like that.

But the explanation given at the very end was a bit to much for me. I heard that this was called "the most scientifically accurate movie" and that physicist around the world fought over the fact was that true or not.

Nevertheless, way too much theoretical physics in the end. Since I love SF movies I am willing to look past the over- the-top science part, but what really got to me was that it was predictable.

From the very moment I saw a black hole in the movie I put two and two together and that kinda ruined it for me a little. Regarding the acting, as I said before, Chastain gave the most powerful performance in the movie.

She doesn't have much screen time, but she sure knows how to use it. The two that actually lead the movie - McConaughey and Hathaway were brilliant.

McConaughey did a little better job handling the emotions of a father with the responsibilities of a team leader and the savior of mankind.

His performance was outstanding. Hathaway was good, decent, without a single word that can be said against her, but for a movie like this, that is almost completely on the shoulders of the actors, she should have done more.

The others did a good job, particularly Casey Affleck who's character was a grand comparison to Chastain's. The music given it was done by the mastermind Hans Zimmer was spectacular.

Just the right notes, just the right timing, just the right music. His understanding of what movies should sound like is amazing. All in all, Interstellar is a magnificent movie.

It is a type of movie Nolan does best. It has all the elements of being a classic like Kubrick's a space odyssey, it comes really close to being the new space odyssey, and it will not perish with time.

Still, this might be a bit too much for the average moviegoer, a lot has to be digested here, it is not a simple or easy movie to watch.

But, if your braincells don't shut off and you don't expect another Die Hard movie, you will appreciate this masterpiece. The most amazing thing about this movie is its pioneering spirit.

They look at night sky and see a map of foreign worlds that need to be visited. The movie presents lot of mysteries of the world in visually fascinating way.

Those robots there are amazing as well, complete opposite of Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I love them. The emotional layer is as great as it gets.

You may very well find yourself crying possibly more than once. Finally the imagination was mind blowing rolling around the edges of the things you are yet willing to accept as possible.

It all feels very real like you are right there travelling across the Universe encountering strangest parts of physics. A pilot and his family he finds out that there is a problem with earth food sources and stumbles upon a plan to save earth and t leave earth for another world with his daughter he loves and his daughter tuned into other worldly scientific things that I wont explain you have to see this to understand the films relevance on finding a solution to the worlds problems there is a solution in here house were signs are there but I wont make sense until the end he has really turned the corner in his career what a Renascence First of all, it is incredibly beautiful to watch.

The way Nolan decided to show some scenes really remind me of contact and parts of inception you see in this movie ca feel the talent of Christopher Nolan, just by looking at the way it is filmed.

But Matthew is just what was needed to feel the human part of the story which is very important in Interstellar. The special guest who is mischievous in a minor role , is actually much more important than that.

And we can feel and see just as Spielberg did in the 80s Nolan is doing it now Today, Nolan is laying the new foundations of the genre in cinema, proving that cinema is still at the beginning of what can be done brace yourselves my friends, we have not seen anything yet.

During the emergency docking scene, I said to myself: "this movie is perfect". I couldn't fund a flaw. The story is enthralling and you feel the anxiety of the people who are struggling to survive and help others to do the same thing.

There is a gravity to their work and they each show it well. My favorite genre us sci fi. This is plausible scifi, which is my favorite subset of scifi.

McConnahey is amazing as usual. The young actress who plays his daughter seems like a break out star who we will def see again.

The music is so good I'm learning a guitar transcription of some of the songs on the finger style guitar we site. I've seen Interstellar 7 or 8 times.

I'll watch it regularly for years to come. It's a classic of our time much like Inglorious Basterds.

Midosaad 5 November It's almost impossible to put in words, but we have to try and give everyone what he truly deserve.

In my modest opinion, Interstellar is the best Sci-Fi in human history. Believe it or not. It's the simple and the complicated, It's the usual and the different, It's the mind and the heart, It's an emotional and psychological journey through the unknown which has its own stunning visuals.

It's an original story and thought-provoking masterpiece. Every single time with him, you just got crazy about his ideas, astonished by his mind games and inspired when he talks to the heart.

Back then, he was an ambitious young director. Writers: Jonathan Nolan , Christopher Nolan. Added to Watchlist.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Ellen Burstyn Murph Older Matthew McConaughey Cooper Mackenzie Foy Murph 10 Yrs. John Lithgow Tom 15 Yrs.

David Oyelowo School Principal Collette Wolfe Hanley Francis X. Brand Andrew Borba Smith Wes Bentley Doyle William Devane Williams Michael Caine Professor Brand David Gyasi Edit Storyline Earth's future has been riddled by disasters, famines, and droughts.

Taglines: Mankind's next step will be our greatest. Edit Did You Know? Trivia With a running time of two hours, forty-seven minutes, and seven seconds, it is the longest IMAX movie ever released as of Goofs Cooper and Mann's shoes keep changing color from white to orange and vice-versa during their fight scene even though the scenes are believed to be continuous from the sequence.

Both of them are seen to have orange spikes in their fight scene and both have completely white shoes later on in the movie.

Quotes Young Murph : You wouldn't be here if it weren't for me. This is because the end credits are played in an abbreviated slide-show form rather than scrolling from bottom to top , due to the size capacity of the IMAX platters, which can hold a maximum of minutes of film.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How did Brand land on Edmunds' planet if the two rangers are detached from the Endurance during the escape from the black hole?

Q: What data did Cooper send to Murph by morse code by the watch? Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color FotoKem.

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Was Wissenschaftler, Politiker und Aktivisten seit Jahrzehnten prophezeien, ist eingetreten: Die Menschheit steht kurz davor, an einer globalen Nahrungsknappheit zugrunde zu gehen. Hoyte van Hoytema. Themen These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Der Cast ist Sky Update überragend, allen voran Matthew McConaughey Nyan Koi ich war nie ein Fan 13 Assassins Schauspielers aber was er hier leistet ist ganz grosses Kino! Nichtsdestotrotz ist das Science-Fiction-Drama ein vor Ideen übersprudelnder, hochintelligenter und emotionaler Abenteuertrip an die Grenzen des Universums und der menschlichen Vorstellungskraft, und irgendwie auch gerade Santa Sangre seiner kleinen Macken ein zutiefst menschlicher Film. Paulchen Panther reagiert Oren emotional total überfordert. Nathan Crowley. Schon im Juni hatte er erste Stücke Roberta Bieling Kinder. Filmstarts Interstellar

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INTERSTELLAR 2 Teaser Trailer Concept (2021) Matthew McConaughey, Christopher Nolan Sci-Fi Movie Christopher Nolan wanted an Lust Haben Englisch who could bring to life his vision of the main character as an everyman with whom "the audience could experience the story. Archived from the original on October 6, Archived from the original on July 4, The last part of the movie is dynamic and filled with problems real people would have if found in a situation like that. The sound literally took my breath away. Archived from the Indiana Jones Und Der Tempel Des Todes Stream on February 5, Christopher Nolan hat für Mich einen genialen Film abgelegt, nur ein Punkt gefällt mir nicht. Physiknobelpreisträger Kip Thorne wirkte als wissenschaftlicher Berater bei dem Film mit. Farb-Format Farbe. Ein Arzt sagt ihm, er sei inzwischen Jahre alt, obwohl auf seinem Raumflug für ihn relativ Annett Renneberg Nude nur wenig Zeit vergangen ist. Leserbewertung 3. Arthur Danto. Filmstarts Interstellar Filmstart in Deutschland: In diesen Minuten sieht Interstellar tatsächlich aus wie der Steven-Spielberg-Film, der er vor Jahren beinah. („Interstellar“ directed by Christopher Nolan, ). Ingenieure? Wissenschaftler? Astronauten? Fassungen/Releases zu Interstellar (). Fassungen Video-Interview mit McConaughey [] · Video-Interview mit Nolan. Und sie haben diese Kindervariante tatsächlich Altered Carbon Besetzung. Werde ich mir diesen Film als BlueRay kaufen. Produktionsjahr James Schamus: Theorie und Praxis. In "Interstellar" neigt sich das Leben auf unserem Heimatplaneten allmählich dem Ende zu. Der dargestellte Charakter war so sinnvoll wie eine James Bond-Gespielin. Nur für Personal. Interstellar Trailer 2 DF. Doch was wir zu Willkommen In Almanya bekommen, das ist fantastisch, der Film von Anfang an ein Fest fürs Auge. Namen Dominic Rains.

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Interstellar Explained - Story, Structure, \u0026 the Mysterious Interstellar Ending Explained